Patchwork Denim

  1. Will stores be releasing them tomorrow?:confused1:
  2. They should be! :p
  3. Not a fan of patchwork denim.
  4. I think pouchy is really cute would have loved it in gray.
  5. I'm waiting for the grey pouchy as's so cute!!
  6. The pouchy has been available for sale here at my store for a week or so but no other items from the patchwork range:smile:
  7. Yep I have had my pouchy a week.
  8. supposedly.
  9. I cant wait.
  10. My SA said 4/1 was the original release date but they have been 'held up'. She didn't have any idea when we would be seeing them. They do have the pouchy, though. Very cute. I want my speedy! :yes:
  11. ^^ They have stated the same thing at my store too about the street shopper PM I am waiting for ... I want it before the holidays start here later this week:push:
  12. ^ It'll be yours...
  13. I was told May15th yesterday.
  14. Sad that it is over a month away, glad that I have more time to justify the $2020 (+tax!) purchase. On a :ban: until then. Right! My ivorie speedy 25 will be here tomorrow. Just saw the pic of the mini azur pochette with an ivorie alma. Now I need the mini pochette to go w/my ivorie speedy 25! :yes:
  15. MAY 15th ...not April 15th:confused1: