Patchwork Denim - Is it Heavy?

  1. Hi Everyone -
    I was wondering if any of you ladies, who have the denim patchwork line, could tell me if the bags are heavy. I'm on the wait list for the bowly, and I know now it's a very big bag. I'm worried that it'll weigh me down. Does anyone have this bag already that can let me know?
  2. There's more information about the Patchwork line in the "Reference Library" section of the LV forum.

    But to answer your question, I DID find it to be very big and heavy (and I didn't even put anything in it!!!:nuts: ). It also wouldn't stay on my shoulder. That's why I'm retuning mine.

    But if you don't mind paying the price of looking DAMN HOT with this FABULOUS bag on your arm, then GO FOR IT!:yahoo:
    PATCHWORK 011.jpg PATCHWORK 013.jpg PATCHWORK 018.jpg PATCHWORK 023.jpg PATCHWORK 025.jpg
  3. I don't have this bag, but I tried it on at Preview. Yes, it is a really big bag with decent weight, but I didn't think weight was that bad at all.
  4. Thanks Ladies.
  5. I posted a separate thread, but they did have this bag available at Orlando, Florida, at Millenia Mall LV(407-264-5290).:yes:
  6. i tried on this bag, and really did not like it. so much going on with it.
  7. The Speedy doesn't look heavy, but the Bowly looks REALLY heavy (it's so BIG:p )
  8. Did they have bowley in both Blue and Grey??
  9. They had a blue one out. I didn't ask if they had a grey.
  10. That's seems like a lot of people are on wait lists for Speedy, but not much for othe styles.
  11. How much are these purses??? How can a person tell if it is authentic??? Sorry I am very new at this.;)
  12. instead of digging up old threads you could try searching or starting a new thread. welcome to tpf