patchwork denim clutch

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  1. hey guys.
    i stopped looking at LV stuff for about 4 months (jan-april) so i am a bit out of the loop. anyways i remember from the s/s 07 line there was a very cute denim clutch that a model was holding. but i went to LV to ask the SA about it and she says there is no such thing. i even tried the lookbook and couldn't find it. so my question is, is it not being made? i'll see if i can find the picture of it. thanks!
  2. here's the picture.

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  3. its sooo cute!!!!!!!!!! :smile:
  4. chanel princess: what the heck is your avatar pic? LOL
  5. if i'm not mistaken, it wasn't put into production.
  6. her avatar is a picture of lanterns :smile: there was a lantern festival in Toronto...
  7. emilyk: hehe the pic is from a lantern festival set up in toronto last year. it was basically a group of people from china who came to set up an area where everything is lit up by light. my picture is a few of the pandas. (there were like hundreds) haha

    caley: thanks for the info. that's such a shame as it is my favourite piece.
  8. I loved that too, sadly it didn't make the cut such a shame
  9. I also like that. It's a shame that it didn't go into production.
  10. no problem! i was sad too upon hearing the news that it wasn't coming to the stores.
  11. That would've been really cute!!!
  12. i hate the way they torture us. they show us the cutest little bags and then they dont get made. i would have loved that little clutch.