Patchwork Carolyn?

  1. Does anyone own a Patchwork Carolyn? Has anyone seen one?

    I ordered one last week and am waiting for it to arrive!! Just wanted to know people's thoughts.

  2. posting a picture for reference:

    great choice! what color did you get it in? have you seen the ones made with alligator skin? they're fantastic, but they cost upwards of $25,000. there's a picture of selma blair holding a style similar to the carolyn in the celebs and mj accessories thread. congrats on your purchase and i hope you post some pics!
  3. Thanks TadPole!! I'm really excited to get it. It seemed different than my others. I have all soft calfs (calves? :rolleyes:) I got in the ivory that you posted. I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as I get it!
  4. P.S. I haven't seen the python skin one - but i'm going to google it now. $25,000... now that's a lot of bags :p