Patchwork Carly?

  1. So I ordered the large denim cotton carly. What an ordeal. The first time I called the woman told me that it was $398 for the regular and $478 for the large, and it wasn't yet available - which totally confused me. I didn't remember anyone saying it was THAT much for the large. So I ordered the $398 one that was available now and left it at that. But it kept bothering me so I called back again to make sure it was what I wanted, and no, it wasn't. The guy I talked to the second time told me that she had me down for a patchwork carly. I've never seen one, and it sounds lovely - but NO. I want my cotton denim. So he corrected it for me and it should be here within a few days. :yahoo:

    I definitely prefer the boutique experience. It's too confusing over the phone, especially when I have a 3 years old grabbing my credit cards and having her own little party while I'm trying to order. lol
  2. sorry it was such a hassle....enjoy your new purse when you get it...
  3. There's going to be a Patchwork Carly??? Oh dear, I am in trouble!! :rolleyes:
  4. Wow the things we will do to get a great Coach! Dont worry it will be all worth it. Cant wait to see pics!

  5. That's what the guy said. I ordered a bag in denim the first time, so maybe they are doing the Carly in the patchwork denim?! I'm sure one of the SA's here will know better. If I didn't already have the indigo patchwork tote from last year, I'd be all over it.
  6. Huh? Patchwork Carly? Oh boy..

    Big trouble ahead
  7. So, how much did the denim end up being?
  8. The large is $428, plus tax & shipping of course.
  9. Congrats on the new bag. i cant wait to see pics.