Patchwork Carly hereeeeeee!!!

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  1. here she isssssssssss

    no problems with this packaging!

  2. I love it! By the way I was out the outlet over the weekend and they had the wallet and wristlet to match. :tup:
  3. which outlet? and do you know how much?
  4. It was the outlet in Myrtle Beach, SC and they had just received a big shipment from the full price store last week. The wallet was still around 150.00 and the wristlet I think was around 65.00. You may also want to call Belk @ southpark mall in Charlotte, NC -I was there a couple of weeks ago and they also had the wrislet and wallet at 25% off and they will ship. Hope this helps.
  5. WOW that is very pretty!! To be honest, I really didn't like the look of the patchwork bags, until I finally saw the CUTEST patchwork swingpack in person the other day. The online pics just do not do the patchwork line justice!! I actually am now looking for a patchwork swingpack like the one I saw! It is just SO CUTE!!! Congrats on your beauty!
  6. Very pretty! Congrats!
  7. very pretty - look into keeping the python moisturized and it may not peel!
  8. thanks for the tip!
  9. Congrats, looks great!
  10. Cute, congrats!!!
  11. Oh my gosh Wendie...I want this Carly soooo bad, but I had the duffle and the python was peeling so I returned it and got another and the same thing so I returned it too. I wish there were a way to prevent this because I really want a purse in this print!! Please let me know how yours does over time or if you find a way to prevent this from happening because I soooooo want that Carly!!!
  12. What would you use as a moisturizer? a coach product?
  13. super cute! congrats! and they had the wallet at my outlet too (Loveland, CO) on the clearance rack... not sure how much it was but it was with extra discounts!!!
  14. Gorgeous!:tup:
  15. So pretty.