Patchwork bowly on ebay

  1. I love this bag!!!:nuts:

    I'm ticked and cannot understand why i have not been called yet. :crybaby: I'm on the list.
  2. Gawd, the more I see it, the more I want it. I only waitlisted for the speedy and now I want this one too:push:.
  3. It is really nice.
  4. I feel like I'm the only one who's not in love with the bag.
  5. Everyone has different tastes. I could see how someone wouldn't like it but I like how it's so crazy. I'd call it my bumm bag:yahoo: !
  6. That's a cute name! :p
  7. Your not alone breakfast lover! It is doing nothing for me.:shrugs:
  8. I also don't like it. Just a personal opinion but it looks cheap to me, like a bunch of rags sewn together by grandma.....I am sure people are spending big $$ for these bags and I wonder if LV will now start the trend with cheaper material bags because it amazes me that the stuff this past year is not what I would consider classic and bags that one can enjoy years and years. I think some of these bags will be so dated and out of style.
  9. i don't like it either looks sloppy but maybe i would change my mind once i see someone using it
  10. not sure if I am a fan, so much going on.
  11. I don't really like it, I think the Speedy's cuter
  12. Yeah, it doesn't do much for me either. Too artsy or something I think.
  13. Love the interior, but the exterior...ummm..Frankenstein comes to mind...
  14. Not liking it either...:yucky: