Patchwork Bowler

  1. Does anyone know the approximate dimensions of the new Patchwork Bowler due to release in March?
  2. I'm not sure of the dimensions but i tried it on last week and it was a really good size. Like a large tote, similar to the size of the Cabas Mezzo I would say :yes:
  3. does anybody have pictures?
  4. Yes pics please.
  5. Ooh I have a pic. Be right back..
  6. Here it is!!! :heart: It :graucho:

  7. Ohh. Thats hot. Only come in 1 colour?
  8. what a cute purse!

  9. No it comes in the original blue denim color too
  10. this bag is hot !
  11. It reminds me a bit of ratty jeans
  12. Who's on waitlist for this bag.MEEEEEEEEE! Anyone else
  13. ILuvBags, how did it sit on your shoulder? Is it long enough? comfortable without sticking out?
  14. it was so comfy. The handles are rolled but they are longer so its comfortable.

    I loved this bag while i was in the store. I played with it for a long time until I felt silly and but it back.

    i can't wait to get it. If money grew on trees I'd get it in both colors. HTH. :heart:

    I love this bag. its hard to find LV shoulder bags that I love. Did I mention I love this bag? :roflmfao:
  15. [​IMG]