patchwork bags

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  1. How many different styles of patchwork bags are there? And which is your favorite? I was thinking of getting the one with pastel prints, but I know there are others. Thanks.
  2. I really like the navy patchwork. I had to resort to eBay to find it though. Coach is coming out with a new patchwork for the holidays, but I did not really like it. Here is a pic of the one I just bought:
  3. I love the denim patchwork & the spring patchwork. I have the spring pchwk hobo for myself & I'm planning on getting my mom the denim pchwk tote for x-mas b/c I know she really wants it & maybe I can borrow it every once in awhile (doubt it) LOL
  4. I'm not a big fan of the patch work, but I do own and love the brown patch gallery tote. I will pull that one out this season too.
  5. I really liked spring 2006 patchwork bags, they were so pretty. Last year they also put out a line of patchwork bags that i liked.
  6. The 2005 holiday patchwork is my favorite!
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