Patchwork Bags On Display!!

  1. I have two or three patchwork bags that i really like. I was blown away last weekend when I saw this bag below at an outlet b/c a friend had pick up a "Foach" almost like this in the Bahamas for me as a gift (a good knock off). I LOVE that bag but knowing that it's a fake I won't carry it, the real one looks so much better. My thoughts are if I can get this maybe she'll think it's the one she got for me. She'll be hurt if I say i don't carry it b/c it's a fake.

    What do you think of this bag? Coach Patchwork File Bag Swing Pack 10005... Oh, and the bag is still expensive! ($250) I WANT OTHER COACH THINGS.:yes:

    Which patchwork bags do you have? Here it is....
  2. The large file bag is at the outlets.
  3. I love that line! I saw them this past weekend!
    Should have bought one, but after my Mandy purchase, it will be a while!