'Patches' Jr. Jet Setter - opinion

  1. I like the fact that this bag seems to be slightly squatter than the other Jet Setter Jr's (Shopbop lists it as 3 inches shorter). I'm not so sure about the patches, though and wondered if anyone has viewed it on the web or in person.
  2. I've never seen the 'Patches' version. Do you have a pic?
  3. I'm kinda "meh" on this one. I like the shape of the Jet Setter Jr., but it's not suited to the patchwork look. It's like a weird mix of refined and hobo that's not quite meshing for me. Maybe if the patches were quilted it might be cute, but I don't like the frayed bits.

  4. Thanks for the reply. You make some very good points. Maybe that is why I am reluctant to push the purchase button.