Pat Field (SATC stylist) - her life in pictures

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    The stylist and designer Patricia Field wasn't always a redhead - we have proof! Field, who brought downtown glamour to suburban living rooms, looks back on her vie (and hair) en rose.

    1948 I’m in Bantam Lake, Conn., where we had a family bungalow. At 6 years old, I’m posing already.

    1956 That’s in front of my house in Whitestone, Queens. I was dressing in shirts and jeans then, and that’s how I dress now. The styles change, but there were always jeans in my life.

    1985 I picked that coat up a long way back. I still have it. I have about 70 coats, but I’m not a collector.

    Early 1990s That was used as a flier for a party in New York. We did so many parties then, one after the other.

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    1996 David Dalrymple designed that dress. That was a glam moment for me — I get into glam very easily.

    2000 That’s a Courrèges vinyl jacket, and that’s Christine: she’s a famous rabble-rouser in Paris.

    2006 The bag is by a good friend of mine, Masuko, from Tokyo. We kind of share an aesthetic.
  3. Thanks for the picture!,I recognized her house in whitestone bc my friend lives a couple blocks from her =]. I love her style its ecentric yet cute!
  4. Her selection for the SATC women are so goooodddd!!!
    i dunno..but i dunt think she dressed up herself well, ^ it always be too much..
    that's just my 2 cents..
  5. I love patricia Field! Fun and eclectric! She makes great lingerie too!
  6. ITA. I think she does a better job with other people/characters than for herself.