Pastis Frame Bag?

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  1. I never really looked at this bag before, but now there's a camille one on the bay and I'm tempted. Does anyone have this bag or have IRL pics? I searched but didn't find much! :sos:
  2. I have it in Bouton d'Or...
    The rolled straps are not comfortable on my shoulder so I don't wear it much. But I love the snap closure and it's gorgeous so I'm keeping it.

    I wish I'd bought that lyon satchel! I'd have the whole set, lol
  3. Thanks Leo! Gorgeous family!!!! :biggrin: You do need the lyon satchel!!!!
  4. Thanks! You'd have a pretty big family yourself with that pastis! If the handles on the beatrice don't bother you I think you'd probably love it
  5. I have it in graphic plaid. I don't wear it often, because of the colors in it, but it's so satisfyingly unique, I couldn't get rid of it.



  6. Slsk, it's GORGEOUS! I'm kicking myself for not getting a bigger bag in the Graphic Plaid. I have the barrel case and I think it's my favorite PM print. I love the leather-wrapped links where the handles meet the frame!
  7. Dream..amiga..just the 411 on my experience. I bought mine during one crazy HH sale. Paid next to nothing but it was a new item not used and not a sample so it was never used and came direct from HH..

    I had to return mine in Bouton D'or Frame because the kisslock broke off the first time I opened it. Plus it was not comfortable at all. HH said the kisslock could be fixed but no guarantees that it wouldn't happen again. I think that there is a stress point right underneath the round kisslock closing where they were welded to the rest of the lock perhaps and the opening and closing movement would weaken it. My advice is to pass.
  8. Jennirane - thank you! The leather on this fabric bag is quite cool! I bet you'll pick up a graphic plaid bag at some point!