Pastilles Pricing

  1. Hi Everyone..
    I hope everyone had a great new years!!!!

    I just wanted to know if anyone had a run down of the MC Pastille's pricing. I only found the key chain on Elux for $300. What about the bracelet?

    If anyone can tell me about the inclusion pricing that would be great too....

    Valentines is around the corner and I want to hint at the DH...:shame:

    Thanks !!!!!:cutesy:
  2. the inclusion ring is around 200. but thats all i know...
  3. The inclusion ring is $200.00 and the bracelet is $255.00. Can't help you with the other though.
  4. MC Pastille bracelet is $375
  5. YAY!! thanks for your speedy responses...
  6. My fiance bought it for me yesterday... it came to ~$425CAD...
  7. Yikes!^ Mine was 375+tax
  8. anyone know how much the pastilles phone charm is? I saw one in the store yesterday but was in too much of a hurry to inquire!
  9. Gosh- I think it was 280.00
  10. This thread made me think of how much I actually payed (I HATE looking at price tags and such, prefer just to buy & forget. =P ) for the pastilles with two "locks", I don't think it's on eluxury but in dollars it was about 345.9 here.