Pastilles Or Other LV Key Chain - your opinion, experiences...

  1. ...after your months or year(s) of use, please share how durable the LV Pastille key chain is? Or any experience (good nor bad) you want to share owning this charming accessory. Any dangle(s) pulled off(?) as it is a hanging charm. Any remorse purchasing the style you got? I was surprise how small they look in actual when I checked them out but really cute and beguilling. Which one do you like most and that you think is worth the bucks?

    Any input on the Fortune key chain? (to use as a charm) It's for my Luco tote that got my attention from another thread to spruce it up. I'm sure these look good too on other LV totes. Since I still can find a new monogram LV tote aside from my fave Luco, I'm treating myself for a LV key chain charm accessory instead. Thanks in advance for sharing your opinions, comments and/or experience on this subject. Advance Happy Valentine's Day! :heart:
  2. SORRY, THIS THREAD GOT DUPLICATED. Please refer to my other same one.