Pastilles Or Other LV Key Chain - your opinion, experiences...

  1. ...after your months or year(s) of use, please share how durable the LV Pastille key chain is? Or any experience (good nor bad) you want to share owning this charming accessory. Any dangle(s) pulled off(?) as it is a hanging charm. Any remorse purchasing the style you got? I was surprise how small they look in actual when I checked them out but really cute and beguilling. Which one do you think is worth the bucks?

    Any input on the Fortune key chain? (to use as a charm) It's for my Luco tote that got my attention from another thread to spruce it up. I'm sure these look good too on other LV totes. Since I still can find a new monogram LV tote aside from my fave Luco, I'm treating myself for a LV key chain charm accessory. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts, opinions, comments and/or experience on this subject. :heart:
  2. Which one are you eyeing - the MC or the mono? I've had the mono for about a year now and I've used it occasionally as a bracelet and bag charm. It's very cute. They havent tarnished or anything - just a few scratches.

    Have you seen the new Trunks & bags chain or the bag charm/key chain? They look cute, too!
  3. bagaddict503, How much are the new Trunks and bags charms?
  4. Mayc - I have the MC pastilles that I use as a bracelet and it's very durable, which I was surprised about since I wasn't being extra careful with it.
  5. I agree!
    I have the MC one and wear it as a bracelet; I haven't had any problems with it at all!
  6. Mayc.. I have the mono pastilles and I LOVE it. It adds a subtle touch of bling to all my mono and Damier bags. I interchange it whenever I change bags.

    I also own the Fortune keychain.. I use it on my cerise bucket as a an attachment for my Juicy Couture enamel cherry charm, like I said in the other thread, I will take a pic tomorrow in the light of day so you can see how that looks! I will take a pic of it on the Bucket and my Cabas Piano to give you two different looks. I will post them in this thread!

    I prefer the pastilles to the keychain, but both are cute!
  7. I have the fortune key chain and I think its awesome!
  8. The keyholder is 160 euros at so the bag charm would definitely be 200++ euros. I like the bag charm better. It looks good with mono & damier or even vernis or epi depending on the color. You can already view it at the UK website.
  9. O, Thankyou I saw them on another thread and now I just have to have them.:love:
  10. post pics plaese...:yes::p
  11. Thanks Bagaddict503! Ah, sorry I was bit lost - what is the "MC"? and mono bracelet? Pls. clarify. Thanks again! :shame:
  12. I just viewed the "Trunks & Bag" chain charm and looks very interesting as well! First time I've that! Thanks! It is more of a medallion that I also like! Oh my..this is getting to be really confusing now. I'm part Chinese and round thingies, medallion and the like signifies coin money for luck. I'm also considering the "Fortune" (wouldn't you know why) I'm also drawn to the miniature key, lock, tag features of the "Cadenas". The Pastilles add versatility as a bracelet. I don't know...just don't know! I can only afford one for now. Big question for me is, which one would be my first purchase on this.:confused1:
  13. I had both the mono and MC pastilles bracelet...used them as bag charms. They're very cute and held up well. I just got sick of them, so I sold them.
  14. MC is multicolore, it looks like Skittles:

    And the mono is Monogram, which looks like dark and milk chocolate.
  15. Thanks again Sparklement! For now, I can only afford one unfortunately of these adorable LV charms. The brown one of the pastilles comes to mind also. I like that color - looks elegant, but don't know if'd clash with the brown mono of the Luco. The multi-colored is very pretty and fun but no so elegant? The thought of wearing it as a bracelet from time to time sounds great as well. I understand the pricing on these and is now a must have for me. :heart: