Pastilles Multicolore Chains Key Ring

  1. Isn't it gorgeous??? Anyway, does anyone know how much this is going for? I can't find it on Elux' website.

  2. It's probably sold out but I think it's $385
  3. I got mine from Elux about a week ago. I think I paid around $385 or so.
  4. yes it is gorgeous :love: i think it is 350 dollar ?
  5. I thought the key ring was supposed to cost less than the bag charm? The bag charm was $375...the key ring should be less than that I think.
  6. The key ring is not yet available :crybaby:maybe never :crybaby:

  7. I think that it is going for about $375. I couldn't find it on Elux either until I entered "pastilles" into the search function.
  8. Yeah I'd asked Karen about it a few days ago and she said it won't be out until November, along with the Pastilles cell phone charm.
    I'm waiting for this same keyring as well..
  9. do you know about the prices for the key ring or cell phone charm? i :heart: them and can't wait for them!!
  10. I also got mine from my local LV store last week - believe me, it's the cutest thing, and is now hanging proudly on my Speedy :smile: But I was warned by my SA that I've to take special care of the individual charms as LV will NOT be able to replace any missing charm/s since this is a limited edition/seasonal piece and they won't produce any replacements.
  11. Eeek. I wonder what happened to the Pastilles bracelet LV had on hold for me... When I looked at it, it was missing a flower... 'tis why I didn't get it... maybe it's RTV now? :shrugs:
  12. I love mine, I wear it as a bracelet...I know it's not what it's intended for, but I love it anyway ;)
  13. I just got my pastilles pochette extender today ! Love it !
  14. got mine last week here in canada

    its cute. but im not loving it.
  15. Me too! It's super cute and not too big for a charm bracelet on me.