Pastilles Key Holder for Valentine's Day

  1. Anybody lucky to have this baby already?? any pics would be very much appreciated!

    I heard it's awfully big and a bit heavy, is it really? oh and the price too, plz!!! :heart: :heart:
  2. I believe the price was around $300 USD?
  3. here in europe it's the same price like the MC pastilles, 200 Euro. I didn't hear that it's "awfully big and heavy":shrugs:
  4. Thx!!! and from my experience it would probably be around $350 CAD then..... should i save these money toward maybe a bigger purchase later or indulge myself with such a cute piece....:confused1: :confused1:

  5. I have held it, it is not big and heavy at all. It's a normal pochette extender with a few charms attached.
  6. thanks for the info!!! should probably check it out at the store then....:heart: plz share some pics once u got it, thanks !!
  7. I don't think it is that heavy at all! The charms are big, but I held it against my Damier pap 30 and it wasn't overwhelming the bag KWIM?
  8. The price is deffo $300

    The chain itself is stunning, I will be collecting mine on Thursday.
  9. Looking forward to seeing pics of lots of Valentine's aquistions on Thursday!