Pastilles key chain


which One should I purchase???

  1. multicolor Pastilles

  2. brown pastilles

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. which do you think I should get the multicolor or wait for the brown to launch? I cant decide which will look best. Most of my bags are Monogram and I have two multi-color bags....please help me
  2. MULTI..add some colors for your mono..I don't think your MC needs pastilles
  3. I work for LV and I already saw the brown one===>gorgeous and looks like more <<chic>>!

    Bye ;)

  4. ^^^^^

    I agree!
  5. The brow one is not even out so it's hard to say. Also my SA told me that the brown will be mass produced , the Multicolore is limited.
  6. Please do not post duplicate threads - I have merged them for you. :yes:
  7. From pics I like brown better...
  8. I like them both, but the multicolor is vibrant and you can always add color to the monogram bags.
  9. I think multicolour gives more light, colour, it is more "noticeable" (it's correct?) and matches with every kind of purse!!!Stephanie.
  10. I love my cheerful!
  11. I like the multicolor, too!
  12. can anyone provide pics of the brown one?? It's hard to decide when I don't know what it looks like..:shrugs:
  13. I like the brown.
  14. I love the's beautiful!!!
  15. Hmm...right now, I would say Multicolor.

    However, I have not seen the brown yet:smile:
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