~ Pastilles Key Chain on Neo Cabby?

  1. hello everyone, i need help in figuring out how to clip my multicolore pastilles key chain on my neo cabby (which i just got today in black/MM, btw!!! :yahoo: *dances around in circles*).. i wanted to clip it to the ring attachments on the leather handles. the ring on one side of the key chain fits fine but its impossible to clip the lock on the other side of the key chain! its weird cuz im almost 100% SURE i've seen my friend's sister clip her pastilles that way on her neo cabby =/

    anyhow, in what other ways can i put the key chain on the bag, if not on the leather handles? for neo cabby owners, how did you accessorize yours?

  2. You have to hang it from handle to handle. like this.
    post1 copy.jpg
  3. or like this
  4. Congrats on your bag :smile:
  5. Congrats on the cabby!!! I have one and it's a favorite!!!! Such a cool bag!
  6. Bag Fetish, yes that is what i was trying to do but the rings on a cabby handles are bigger than the ones on a speedy.. on my speedy the key chain fits fine but on the cabby the 'lock' of the key chain doesnt fit =/

    just like in the denim pic that you posted, the "ring" side of the chain fits the attachment ring on the handle of the bag but the "lock" side doesnt which is why it is attached to the zipper instead.. it looks nice but how convenient is it to be attached on the zipper?

    Luv2BuyBags, its just like the one in the pictures Bag Fetish posted ^_^

    girlsgottoshop, thank you very much sweets!
  7. Oh sorry I can't help you I don't have the pastilles. But your bag will look HOT no matter what! Love it! I don't accessorize mine at all!
  8. I like the handle to handle way better! However you put it though, you've got yourself one hott a** bag!!! Congrats!
  9. jellybebe, thank you darlin!

    Simone-xoxo, me too! thats what i did on my speedy but it doesnt work with the cabby.. anyways, thanks a lot hun! =D
  10. I think you're gonna have a hard time finding a suitable way. I have the pastilles and the cabby and I've not ben able to find a suitable way :sad:

    Never mind, just enjoy your new bag!
  11. LoVer, i will! thank you :smile: