Pastilles Key Chain Bracelet?

  1. I have heard of the pastilles key chain being worn as a bracelet and I am considering one. For those of you that have it, what is the length, do you wear it as a bracelet? I think it would be cute but I'm a little concerned it would be too small or big length wise or that it might look too much like wearing a key chain as a bracelet (even though that's what it would be!). Thoughts?
  2. It's cute as a bracelet measures approximately 7.5". Think there are some pics of lvbabydoll in Visual Aid.
  3. I only use mine on my bat but it could def. be a bracelet!
  4. I couldn't find my pic of it as a bracelet.:push:
    The clasp part is quite large so I wear it turned to the bottom so the pastilles are on the top of my hand. I wouldn't wear it too often as a bracelet as I think it would scratch the colour off the charms.
  5. I always wear it as a bracelet..I've never actually put it on my bag, except once when John wanted to see it on my Miroir Speedy lol. Other than that, it's always a bracelet. Here's the pic:
  6. It's very pretty as a bracelet too!
    Your nails are gorgeous!
  7. hi, lvbabydoll!! that bracelet is cute!! i dont wear mine often coz the lock and clasp are big but seeing you wear yours make me want to think about using it again!!
  8. i think this is the cutest! i have always wanted to buy one...but its the clasp that is so big, i'd be scared of scratches..and the fact that i don't have any LV bags that would look nice with it.
  9. Thanks bagaddict and gacats! I love wearing this, I never notice the clasp too much..when I stop wearing my Inclusion bangles for a bit, I'll go back to wearing this one again. :heart: