Pastilles key chain available on eLux

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  1. I must have more willpower, I must have more willpower, I can't buy anything from LV until next year...:crybaby:

    Somebody, please, buy them all so I won't succumb to temptation!:crybaby:
  2. Uh oh. I didn't even look at it when I went in today. UGH. It's adorable!
  3. Lol your plea worked fast, it's not there anymore.

    Was it the bracelet/bag charm version that's like $375 or so? I'm still waiting for the keychain version that's half that size..

  4. Yes, sorry, it is the bag charm! Somebody buy it!
  5. Ok good. Lol..I'm DYING for the keychain one. Arrrgh.

    I do love looking at this one though hehe. Don't worry, it'll go quick. :yes:
  6. It's there now. I like it a lot but can't justify the cost.
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