Pastilles Are they worth it???

  1. My SA called and said they can send me out the multi bag charm if I am interested. I havent seen it yet and its 375.oo, i could purchase a small lv leather good instead. Whats your thoughts or opinion on the bag charm...yes or let it go for now??? new some help from my pf friends!!
  2. I was just in the Boston LV store yesterday and tried the multicolored bracelet/key chain Pastilles on. I thought it was cute but not for the price. It was too big for my wrist so it dangled too low on my hand. It's a big piece. Personally, I thought it was a bit much for a bracelet that looks like "M & Ms" as the SA pointed out.
  3. Well.. to put into perspective - I mean, we are paying hundreds of dollars for canvas bags. It's your own personal values, would you rather have the bag, or the accessory.
  4. I do think it's a little expensive but it is just so cute I think I just have to have one
  5. They are really cute & if you like MC you will love these! They are multi-purpose, so yes, I think they are worth it.
  6. Yay! My store just got one this morning. Hopefully they'll still have it by Tuesday?

    ...and to answer your question, ldisangro: It's def. worth the money. ;)
  7. I got the ONE they got into the store by me on Friday. I love it! It was $100 more than I thought it would be, but it is so cute! It looks good as a bracelet or a bag charm, and it's my style.
  8. I got one, too. I think it's worth it because it can be a bracelet or bag charm. It livens up my speedy and doesn't make it look like all the fakes out there.
  9. BTW, they're making it in tones of brown as well. Saw the pics in the look book, but my SA didn't know when that would be out.
  10. Thaanks for all the info...Do you think the multi color will still look good on my mono bag or should I wait for the brown ones to be a avilable in Nov.
  11. I think multi is better as it really jumps out (the brown is the same price)
  12. ITA! Is anything by LV worth the price when you really stop and think about it? Probably not, it's all a matter of how much you are willing to pay for something. :yes: I'm not picking on LV specifically either, the same thing goes for all designer items.
  13. Totally agree, ayla and whatzerface! I bought the multicolor one because it pops against the mono. I think the brown would blend in too much, but maybe not....will have to wait and see it IRL.
  14. Can u tell me how long it is? Just wondering if it will fit my wrist. Thanks.
  15. I love both versions, it should be really hot on a speedy