Pastilles Anyone?

  1. I was wondering if anybody here might want the Pastilles extender/bag charm I have on hold at SCP. I think it is too sweet for me & I am going to pass on it. I thought if anybody here wants it I can tell my SA & he can still get credit for the sale & a fellow PFer can get a really cute bracelet/bag charm/ extender. Josh is the SA holding it if anybody is interested.
  2. can you tell me more about it? How is it used on the bag? I am curious why you do not want it.
  3. Taco, have you tried/seen it? Does it fit on your wrist?
    Please let us know...many are considering it as a bracelet but based on the pic it looks a bit too short to be worn as a bracelet.
  4. According to Karen Kooper, it's eight inches long. That should fit just about anyone. If you are really tiny, it will probably be too big.
  5. JoJo,
    It definitely can be worn as a bracelet. I have one and it's actually a little large on me...I usually wear a 6 1/2 inch-6 3/4 inch bracelet.
  6. I've tried it on at the LV store at the Fashion Mall - Las Vegas. Fits perfect as a bracelet and I have small wrist, but it never fell off. It is 8". I also had them put it on a speedy 25 and a lockit as a charm bag, and the mulit color really pops, totally hot. I passed on the mutli color and I am waiting for the brown to come out in December so I can see comparison, then buy. I think the browns will be a universal color to go with everything.
  7. oh Kalena did you like the color pastilles on the speedy bag! I was told that the brown would blend in too much with the mong bags. I am trying to decide if I should get the multi color not for a bracelt just for my bag. Did you like the look on the bag itself or was it to young looking?

  8. I like it and no it's not too young and I'm in my 40's. But, it is a attention grabber as that is the first thing you'll notice on the bag (because of the colors). I,too, will be using it as a purse charm and I personally don't think (as does my SA) it will blend too much with the mono. The brown has variation of the color, plus all that gold bling, so it will definitely stand out on a mono, IMO. I currently have the beige speedy inclusion that I use as a purse charm for my Speedy 25 and Lockit and it really "pops" and blends eloquently with the mono.
  9. Ooh great! This is good to know.
    I am glad to hear that it can be worn as a bracelet.
    8" is more than enough for me.
    Thanks for the info guys!
  10. Does anyone know if either of these are available in Canada yet?