Pastille keyring model number

  1. Morning!

    Does anyone know the model number of the pastille keyrings, rather than the key chain? I'm not going to be able to get to the store for a while (4.5 hour drive) so i'm going to attempt to order one over the phone, but want to make sure I get the keyring, rather than the bracelet type key chain.

    Also, I'm thinking now, that I'd prefer the browns, rather than the coloured enamels. I know the model numbers are different for the two colours, so would anyone have the model numbers for both?

    Any help much appreciated

    (Wish me luck as I'll have to go through the hideous UK customer services and demand to be put through to the Dublin store!!)

  2. Edit- wrong numbers, give me a minute!
  3. Many thanks for your reply!! You were quick!!! :0)

    I hope you don't mind me asking,but would those be the model numbers for the inclusion rings/keyrings?

    Thanks again,

  4. Ugh the only one I can find right now is for the long bracelet version in the multi since that's all my store has in right now. The keyring you're looking for isn't even out here yet since that's what I'm waiting for also.
    If and when I find out the numbers I'll post them for you!
  5. Lol ya the numbers I posted before were for the Inclusion keyrings haha. I'm on an Inclusion kick lately. If you still want them I'll post them again for you.
  6. No problem, that's fab. Thanks for your help!

    Funnily, when I was in the store a few weeks back, they hadn't even heard of the pastille line at all, and although I've now seen people with the longer key chain, I haven't seen any of the key rings, or either of them in the brown colours.

    Fingers crossed we both managed to get one!!

    Thanks again,

  7. I want it too!
  8. I think the key ring holder (the smaller of the two styles) is still not out in the US, like Rebecca said.

    Hopefully you'll have better luck in the UK !
  9. Ugh I know! I went into the store a couple weeks ago and asked and the girl just went "Oh well this (the extender) is all we got in..I didn't know there was another one."
    Um, yeah there is, you have the price sheets..look at them occasionally. UGH!!
    But my SA now knows I want that keychain version so she'd better call me when it comes in this time.
  10. It is odd, as the keyring, post multicolour and the browns, was actually on the Vuitton uk website, for about a day, but I've not heard tell of it anywhere in any stores? Perhaps the web thing was an error?

    Originally, I really loved the multicolour, but since seeing those pictures of the brown, I'm thinking that might just look *lovely* handing off my Damier pap....

    Thanks again!

  11. I think I remember hearing that the U.S. launch for the keyring version, the brown color, and the cell charm would be in November, but I could be wrong.
  12. WOW love the brown color ! can't wait to see the brown pastille keychain.

    Does someone have a real picture of the brow pastille charm attached on a monogram or damier bag ?