1. so i have this black jersey dress. i don't want to wear a bra with it, and the girls stay where they're supposed to be without one, but i fear that if i was in bright enough light, my nipples would show through since the jersey is really quite thin. any of you girls know a good, flesh-colored brand of pasties? i may need them.
  2. I don't know any brands, but you'll definately want to wear some--i see those pics of celebs who didn't and they made the "boobs oops" list! :P
  3. Nippits for swimming and Braza Petal Tops for evening dress.
  4. you know for the pasties, i hate the typical 'petal' pasties so I usually get stars or heart pasties. It's a little more fun just in case the top is a little more on the see thru side. I gotta go to the stripper attire store for those. :P ;)
  5. ooooo i want stars! i wonder if i can order them online.
  6. i just ordered some braza ones! thanks girls!
  7. i hate them, they always wrinkle on me if i get cold and then they hurt more than a brazilian to take off.. i just put concealer on my nipples and hope for the best :roflmfao: