Pastel Spring Patchwork?

  1. Hi all,

    Was the pastel spring patchwork design outlet only? I bought a wristlet at the new outlet and had never seen this style before, and drilldown brings up nothing.

    I had credit I needed to use, and since nothing else was screaming my name, I bought this wristlet for my daughter based on young girl's opinions in store. It was marked 88 and got it for 42, even better!

    Now I just have to figure out when to give it to her, heh. She's only 11 but growing fast ;) Maybe for christmas or birthday (but I want it to be appreciated and "special", like 13th birthday or something, lol).
  2. Yes, outlet only.
  3. was designed just for the outlet. your daughter will love it, my 11 yr. old sister bought one for herself a couple weeks ago when she came with my mom and I to the outlets.
  4. Good to know!
  5. this years? because spring 2006 had a patchwork with pastels[​IMG]
  6. nope not that one. its this one(pic taken from eBay)...
  7. oh.... sorry:push:
    that's actually pretty cute though, i'll have to consider it the next time i'm at an outlet
  8. my little sister (well not so little - 17) bought the pw swing pack last time we were at the outlet. it's a very pretty colored pattern!!
  9. its cute....i have last years....not this year not in love with the patchwork...but ya i don't know a good time 13th birthday sounds good....