Pastel jeans Inspiration

  1. image-1838990790.png

    These are from Zara. I also got a pair of pastel pink ones.
  2. i luv how you paired the mint! the blazer is Z too? how could i miss that?! :nuts:
  3. Im so jealous!!! That's *** exact shade *** cut I want!!! But sadly they're all sold out online in my size :sad:...hope they restock it soon *cross finger*
  4. Thanks!! *** blazer is something I've had for ages....but it's not Zara. Glad I held on ** it though.
  5. Thanks shehulk. Keep checking! Hopefully they'll restock.
  6. Here are the pink color pop jeans.

  7. image-56101144.png

    One of my favorite thrown together outfits.

    Bottoms are Free People. Perfectly cropped with zipper hem in a minty pastel green. Top is something old that I've had forever. Shoes are asos.
  8. I don't have pastel jeans, but I do have a couple of colored jeans (red and green) from Forever 21. They're cheap and fit me well.

  9. Nice, Purse-o-holic! I kept the blazer in my closet, too. :smile: it looks great on you- love it with the jeans!
  10. LOVE this!