Pasta and cooking with wine

  1. Ok, so I'm craving pasta today and want to make it for dinner. I want to cook Frutti di Mare (seafood pasta) and the recipe I found online says I need white wine. What kind do I use? And is it in the wine section of the store?

  2. I believe the cardinal rule for cooking with wine is not to use a wine that you wouldn't drink normally. A dry white wine is appropriate for seafood dishes. I believe a sauvignon blanc, pinot blanc, or a chardonnay would work well. I just googled it too and saw that some people use a dry white vermouth instead, because it keeps longer and therefore you don't have to buy a bottle of wine every time you need some for cooking. Hope that helps! :yes:
  3. you can also find assorted types of cooking wine in the aisle with salad dressing and such.
  4. good posts! You can always keep a cheap bottle of wine on hand for cooking, depending on your preference. If you are not a wine drinker, you could also try the cooking wine options at your grocery store.

    Bon appetit!
  5. Cooking wine has salt added to it and is the lowest quality wine from the pressing. If you can't drink it, don't cook with it. For a few dollars more you can buy something you can actually drink with the meal.

    If only need a small amount, most stores carry the small sampler-sized bottles.
  6. ^^ I agree, I usually just pick up a tiny individual portion bottle for cooking, which costs like no more than $3 each. However, most stores sell them in "cases" of 4, which is equivalent to a 750ml bottle I think.
  7. I would try a dry Italian White with that, most stores have someone knowledgeable enough to reccomend something good in your price range.
  8. Please, please do not buy the "cooking wine" yuck! It is, as hyacinth said, terrible quality, and, as Neeya and a few others have pointed out, don't cook with anything you wouldn't drink.

    You would be suprised at the difference in the same meal cooked with "cooking wine" and an decent table wine.
  9. I usually just use the cheapest bottle we have at home. I don't recommend cooking wine either, and cheap wine is only a little more expensive.