Past season Miu Miu.

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  1. I want a Coffer more than anything and I decided to get one this year, but I don't like the leather this year (too shiny). Is it possible to buy past season Coffers?
  2. Your options are:

    1) Ebay (please make sure you get the bag authenticated first)
    2) Blufly (they pop up occasionally)
    3) Call Saks, Neimans, and Bergdorf Goodman
    4) Call Miu Miu boutiques
  3. Thanks!
  4. If you call the Miu Miu Boutique in Beverly Hills, ask for Renato, he's very helpful and will email you pictures of what they have in the store!
  5. I've been in touch with Renato and he was wonderful--very professional and efficient.

    My black coffer will be shipped on Monday! I'm so excited!

    Thank you again for the advice!