**past season chanel bags**

  1. hi all!

    i am a new member to this forum and thought that some of you chanel experts might be able to help me. :smile: does anyone know whether it is still possible to get the new lock chanel bag from earlier this year? i guess it's not so new now but i was wondering if anyone had any information about where i could possibly buy it. thanks in advance!
  2. you mean the new mademoiselle lock? you could try looking in the reference library to check the models out.
  3. Welcome!

    The bag you are looking for is, in fact, called the New Lock bag. You mean this bag, correct? [​IMG]

    It's very pretty! But I'm pretty sure it was recalled, as the locks were defective. :sad: For sure, the stores won't have this, but you may want to try your luck on eBay, if you have to have it. Personally, I don't think I'd want to chance it with a closure that may conk out on you.
  4. bullerproofsoul - Thanks for the info. I learn something new everyday :tup: This is a beautiful bag. Too bad it's recalled.
  5. oh wow! thank you everyone for responding back to me. you guys are a wealth of information! :smile: i didn't realize the locks didn't work. other than that, i think the bag is beautiful. at least now i don't feel so bad that i don't have one. :smile: