Past Season Burberry - Where Can I Find This Style?

  1. I own this exact purse and it is indeed authentic!!! I purchased mine this Spring, April I believe at the Burberry outlet in Michigan City, IN. I LOVE this purse -it is so nice and has so much room....the lighter blue leather is awesome, and the inside with the burberry plaid - great purse!! Price, I recall this purse retailing for $595.00 not $525.00. I bought mine at the outlet for just under $300 - quite a deal!!! If you want additional photos I can post them....if you are questionning the authenticity of this purse -it is authentic! I know, I own one!!!
  2. I saw it in white at the Burberry outlet a few months you might want to try that.
  3. Guess what, I finally took photos of this tote and of my Burberry collection...which I will post tomorrow morning...I truly love this bag, great for the spring/summer time!!!!
  4. I like it.
  5. [​IMG]

    Above is a photo of the light blue leather Burberry tote in question. This purse is awesome for srping/summer!
  6. Congrats! very pretty bag... where did you end up finding it?

  7. I bought it at the Burberry outlet in Michigan City back in April ('06) and I have occasionally seen some there on various occassions - other colors from the collection - hot pink, white, green and light blue -if there were oter colors - I don't know?
  8. I have a Burberry in the same color, just a little different style, its authentic. I think your best bet is to watch eBay, you can set up a search for blue burberry and it will email pictures to you of any that come up with this criteria. The blue bag I had seen in the Burberry store listed for close to $600 and I got it for $250 on eBay. It took a little while, but I'm sure more will come up. Good luck.
  9. i really like that burberry. you should go for it.