Past Royal fashions... Good and bad

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  1. Starting this thread as a bit of fun. I was just looking through some past Royal brides choice of gowns and it got me thinking.... Post your likes and dislikes of anything, doesn't have to be wedding gowns, that a Royal has worn. It can be even from last year or something Queen Elizabeth wore in 1965 etc. Any Royal worldwide too.
    I'll start with this. Queen Margarethe of Denmark on her wedding day in 1967. Stunning and timeless.
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  2. Stunning. MM should have borrowed this dress for her wedding
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  3. What is that circle decor at the middle of the body? Looks like the place where you put a vacuum hose in one of those vacuum storage bags. Or plug-in for power supply.
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  4. It’s a daisy brooch given to her by her father on her wedding day.
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  5. Lol! Had to go back and check that out. It is an odd placement.
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  6. 56E23C4D-7C6B-4173-9687-18E90907189F.jpeg People forget what a beautiful young woman Princess Margaret was and here she is at her 21st birthday party. This is the kind of dress that little girls dream about when they play pretend princess
  7. She was so pretty! :flowers:
  8. Margaret was fabulous! She was a beauty and she had style.
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  9. Princess Caroline of Monaco was my first style crush when I was very small ( the 1970s). I collected very picture I could of her from the magazines - wish I still had them. She was so beautiful and so cool! :love:
    Back then Caroline had a very fresh French preppy style and typically wore button downs and Gucci.
    Photos from the 1970s including her wedding to Philippe Junot in 1978:

    d8e75855da8ca44f6dd71c630bb18b6b-1.jpg 308316_10150412731176013_575608364_n.jpg Princess-Caroline-Philippe-Junot (1).jpg
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