past/present pocket paddy owners - are you having second thoughts???

  1. hey guys! most of you may know that i got my whiskey paddy about 3 weeks ago - however, i havent been able to use it since im still at school and its too nice of a bag for me to throw my books in! having second thoughts about it now!!! i duno why...and i loved the bag so much...but i feel like i havent taken it out because i wasnt sure if i will love it for long....

    what are your thoughts on your paddies? :sad:
  2. My first Paddy was tan. I sold it because I thought it had too much of an orange hue to it and I am not an orange person. I never loved it.

    My 2nd Paddy was chocolate and I still have it and love it.

    My next was a red hobo. I didn't fall in love. It looked funny to me, too long. I took it back.

    Then came my whiskey. Well, I seriously consider eliminating ALL of my other bags as I am orgasmic around it. It is soft, super pebbly and slouchy. My best yet! I wouldn't part with it for $5K!

    I have an anthracite with tags on it. I don't love it yet and may return it.

    So, it isn't just the satchel and padlock. It is also the leather and personality of each bag. I honestly believe there is a paddy out there for each of us to adore. Sometimes it takes just the right one!
  3. I have the mousse pocket. In all honesty, I haven't looked back at all. I absolutely adore the color and the bag. I have no qualms about using the bags for anything, though I am paranoid about spilling, etc.. but in terms of using, I absolutely love it.

    I also have the whiskey satchel. I have thought time to time of selling it, but know that I probably could never part with it either. It's the only one of the two that I have semi-thoughts like that about.
  4. I returned my jeans moyen Paddy and my blanc pocket. I am giving up on Paddies for now...fixated on Balenciaga now! No padlock AND it's super light!
  5. When I ordered my dark grey paddy I wasn't sure at all if I should keep it but then I just fell in love wit her. She's my all time favourite!! I just love the leather and its smell even after 3 months it has this leather smell. It isn't the most practical bag and after a long day shopping with her my shoulder hurts but still I can't help myself. I prefer her over my B-bags and all the rest. If I just was allowed to keep 1 bag it would be her!
  6. I love mine and want a baby paddy heh
  7. I spy Baby Paddy bags on NAP !
  8. I'm holding out for the Grey!
  9. Oh...I should amend what I said above...I am off of Paddies, but I DID keep my Edith! She's not going anywhere!
  10. jacquelinez,

    if you're thinking about selling your whiskey pocket paddy let me know--or if you care to trade for a brand new pocket in blanc or black. they're both gorgeous but i think orange tones are better for me!
  11. i luv my choc paddy and still can't get over how gorgeous it is and how good it smells!
  12. I love my silver Vegas Paddington! I'm just too scared to use it. :shame: I don't have any regrets about buying though as it was a limited edition bag and it's completely gorgeous!