Past lives...


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Jan 31, 2006
over the moon
I don't necessarily believe in it but I've always been drawn to Ancient Egyptian culture as well as Native American culture, so I don't know.


Oct 12, 2006
According to Einstein, whose musings happen to coincide with my own, so he must have been right, neither matter nor energy are created or destroyed.

It is generally conceded by Science, and again endorsed by me, and therefore correct, that what makes us us is energy as opposed to matter, which means our bodies are basically a really long-lasting outfit.

There is no faith tradition that disagrees with any of that, though there is a bit of disagreement, and a lot of downright vagueness and uncertainty, on the question of the exact disposition of that "us" unit of energy.

We can't know for sure whether reincarnation in the traditional sense is exactly "what happens" to us, but if you peer a bit deeper into whatever your faith tradition is, and move from asking the local pastor or imam or rabbi and into the alluring world of very old men representing them all and arguing endlessly about a punctuation mark-cum-vowel therefore word that 2000 or 1500 years ago, or both, was commonly used in a particular part of the world to mean variously "eternity," "wool," and "salted fish," and you manage to pull one or more aside and ask them to tell you all about it, because you don't have time to read all those books, because they are really thick, it is most likely that have you caught your theologian in a particularly generous mood, he will say "I don't know," which will cause you to feel an immediate sense of deep peace and calm, because those books really are thick, and there are a whole mess of 'em.


Jul 21, 2006
i believe in past, present and future lives are actually the same person...
and yes I'm a buddhist.

I may be human this life, and something else next life...and I also think past lives link us to our destiny; I'm destined to be with someone or not with that someone; and so on... does this makes my life sound so hopeless?

I don't know...I do rely on alcohol to cheer me up at the time but I'm a normal person with normal bag obsessions - so don't worry guys I'm not crazy!
Sep 22, 2006
Houston, Texas
I'm Hindu, and while reincarnation and karma was not particulary emphasized during my childhood I believe in both to a certain extent. For instance, I believe a past life comes into play when someone has a unexplainable feeling of deja vu. And almost every culture has that saying "do onto others..." and this is another way of expressing the concept of karma.
Nov 20, 2006
Perth, Australia
^^^^ Jil LMAO:roflmfao:

Well reincarnation is very interesting theory. I do believe in God and many strange things happen in our lives and some people are born is very unfortunately circumstances. Some boys are born and feel like they are in the wrong body and have female mind set. Some people are born in poor families while other born in rich backgrounds. Some things don't make sense to us so it's a strange and wonderful world we live in. I don't know. I do believe there is a higher power in this universe and that if u do something bad it will either happen in your lifetimes or perhaps there is such a thing your next lifetime.

You know i think this is one of the one beautiful legends. There are these beautiful red headed cranes found mostly in Asia. There is a saying all the innocent & honoury soldiers who suffered unecessary death in war are reincarnated as these cranes. WHY u say?

Because they are finally at peace and can fly with freedom forever. These cranes are heavily protected in China and Japan cos this legend is so believed by many people. They are incredible birds & apparently never afraid of human beings and there is something about their nature that is almost "human". A reincarnation story that is sweet and perhaps true.

My dad watched the chinese news and there was story that really was strange but beautiful & made national headlines. There was a young girl (living in the poor rural area of china) who looked after a flock of these cranes since she wass little and were so uncanningly close.

Her family also owned a farming land with a big adjacent pond and she unfortunately one day fell into pond and she drowned & died. Apparently when her dad was trying to find her he found the flock of cranes at the pond surrounding the exact bit where her daughter drowned and that how he found her floating dead. :sad: Apparently even though her dad removed her body the next few days the cranes were still there at that exact same area of pond as though they were expecting her come back out of lake or that she was still there.

Life is truly remarkable :biggrin: