Past lines

  1. Hi Ladies!! I'm so happy that my friend told me about this board! Anyway-- do any of you know of a website that might list past Coach lines or have pics/names of bags. I have several bags that I bought before really paying attention to line names, styles, etc. Now I'd like to know what they are again :smile:
    I bought my first Coach bag maybe 4 years ago so it's not like I'm looking for really old stuff. The older ones are mini sig bags and they're all black (took me a while to branch out to another color!) Or maybe I'll post a pic of my "babies" and you guys might be able to name them :idea: Thanks for your help!!
  2. Hellow and welcome to tPF!!!

    You can use the serial number and then put that into the drilldown (instructions are in the Coach FAQ thats stickied in the Coach Forum). Cant wait to see your collection and hear more from you.
  3. Thanks Cindy! That'll give me something to do at work tonight :p