past coach bag

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  1. Was the Coach large hobo ever made in plain white leather or white/silver signature?
  2. Are you talking about the silver scribble hobo like this..
    (found this pic off of ebay)
    I don't think they made a leather one in this shaped hobo but one like this

    (Found this on ebay)
    Sorry for such big pics..are these the ones you're asking about?
  3. It would be the second one but in the larger version. I know the large hobos are probably at the outlets or maybe(just maybe) in the stores, and I know there were signature and leather, but I wasn't sure if they made one in white.
  4. Maybe this one? (Credit: eBay)


    Its style # 8A03.
  5. Don't know FOR SURE that it was made, but I own that bag in the smaller size and I have seen a woman carrying it in the larger size up close and it looked pretty darn authentic to me.
  6. Abandonedimages, yes that's it!!!:yahoo: I am so happy they do make it in that color. Thanks so much for your help pursefanatic85, abandonedimages, and Isabel0329!:flowers: I am off to search for it!