passy pm or montaigne sac?

  1. I want a black epi hand bag that is large enuf for work and casual use. I'm giving up on epi speedy 25 due to it's opening. I did try on black passy pm and loved it but bothered by the open top and smooth leather(? easily scratched). I think montaigne sac's opening more secure from the thicker strap. This would be my first hand held bag and I would prefer a more secure opening.

    I do favor montaigne sac a bit more since there's the shoulder strap option and prices are similar. But I forgot to try it on in the store and not able to go back due to distance. I don't have enough $ to get both so please choose one and tell me why. Thanks.
  2. Choose Passy, it is classy.....

    Also does anybody has pic in action, I want to get a Passy too.
  3. I prefer the look & shape of the Passy! :smile:
  4. I love the passy pm! I'm the odd one and actually prefer the open top on bags.......I swear I'm not THAT lazy..........hehehe........
  5. I would go with the Passy PM.

    Easy to get in and out of.
    Great style and classic.
    Epi is durable I wouldnt worry too much out scratches.
  6. You seem to be leaning towards the Montaigne, so I'd have to go with that!
  7. Passy! Super chic!
  8. Get the Montaigne Sac...that is one gorgeous bag!!!!! You have the option of both handheld and shoulder-how can you go wrong?? Good Luck!
  9. i would go with the passy PM. :yes:
  10. I would definitely choose Passy PM!
  11. :heart: Montaigne Sac!!
  12. Montaigne Sac! Tried it on and it's sooooooo gorgeous. I love that bag. I gotta get day. I'm not really liking the Passy PM only because it's too big for a handheld bag and I can't wear it over my shoulder.
  13. definitely the passy :yes:
  14. I think you'll love either one. The Sac would be my choice.
  15. i have the passy pm in ivory and it's really great, esp if you love the BH as well.