Passy GM

  1. I am in love with the Epi Passy.
    I originally saw the s in red and had " I want that moment". But was not crazy about the size being a hand held. I was shown the GM but at the time the price blew me away.

    Now, apparently I've found some money, and I want the GM. Problem is I really love the red. I think that bag looks great in Red, but it probably more pratical in black, given that it would be used for work.

    I've been crazy for Red for the last year, I was thinking about getting a Red Speedy and then the Black Passy. But then I had to go to a funeral and I realized I could use a understated black bag, so I was back to Red Passy, black speedy.
  2. Em.. I would picked a Red Passy and a Black Speedy !!
  3. ^me too! but honestly, I'd take either one in either color!
  4. A red bag is always great if you are wearing lots of understated colours-it "lifts" an outfit. But as much as I like it- if it would be my main bag I would go for a black one and give it some bling- like with a great bag charm. That way you could use it in more ways.
  5. I love the red but know what you mean. I just bought a red Alma but I also have the Black speedy that I can carry everyday. If you really love it and plan to use it for work I would just think about what you wear and if you think it will work with what your normally wear. I think if you can pull off a red work bag thats awesome.
  6. I like the black speedy; red passy combo
  7. Most of my handbags are colorful. I have few black bags, Fendi, Gucci, Furla, Coach. However, I do not have a classic black bag, that would be appopriate for any function. Hence the black speedy. As I have way too many bags as is, I would not be using the Red Passy frequently. I tend to switch purses each month. I guess I just answered my own question.
    Red Passy, Black speedy.
    I wish I could just buy everything I want and be done.
  8. Red Passy for sure!
  9. Definitely Red Passy and a Black Speedy. The Passy just looks phenomonal in red, striking. Black doesn't serve it justice. But the speedy in black is classic.
  10. Red passy, black speedy!
  11. Count my vote for this too!
  12. I'll play the odd tpfr and say black passy because of the size and black would be classier for work and red speedy for fun and nights out. That and I have the red speedy and I love love love it!
  13. Red Passy GM is gorgeous. And a black speedy for daily use.
  14. red passy GM for work is a great choice! epi in red is just stunning!
  15. Thanks for the info. I stopped by the store over the weekend and decided to go with the Red Passy. Black is too practical and sometimes you just have to do something crazy. I love the Red Epi.