Passy GM ... Anyone?

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  1. I like an Azur Saleya PM so much but I hate dark patina. Saleya in Ebony is also nice but can't compare with Azur. Azur looks so much better in my thought.

    So I am interested in this Epi Passy GM bag but just wonder how it looks on the shoulder? Anyone has this bag? Will it look too big for me? I'm slim 5 ft. 3". Should I choose normal Passy instead of GM?

    I'm choosing between Epi Ivory and the Red one. Which one is better?

    or any other recommended bag????

    PS: I'm not a fan of LV monogram and no MC bag ,please.

    My LV Collection:

    MC speedy in white
    Denim Baggy PM
    Azur speedy 25
    Mini Lin speedy in Ebony
    MC pochette in Black
    Panda pochette
    Antigua PM
  2. the Ivory line is TDF!
  3. Love it but it was oh sooooooooo big!

    I like the smaller size, just with shoulder straps!
  4. I am considering the Passy GM also. Same height just not slim!:Push: Ivorie is TDF though!

  5. :Push: If it is sooo big so I should go back to think of Saleya again :crybaby:. The smaller size tends to be a handheld bag than a shoulder bag.