Passy bag in Epi leather

  1. Is anyone loving the Epi Passy Bag 'cause I am! It's shown in red in the the LV catalogue I just opened.

  2. I LOVE The Red...It's Gorgeous!
  3. I love the Red passy too!!! I only saw the PM and GM in black epi the other day in NM. Red is definitely beautiful. :love:
  4. I KNOW! I have a weakness for top-handle bags and this one's really beautiful and I'm a Chanel girl more than a LV girl. I might have to buy this one...after all, I don't have a red bag and everyone should have at least one!
  5. It's gorgeous, I especially like the GM !
  6. Gorgeous! I went to the boutique today and was stunned by how beautiful it is!
  7. The Passy is one of mine fave bags right now! :love:
  8. It's a BEAUTIFUL bag!!!
  9. its gorgeous the PM in red is my next purchase!
  10. I love the passy too. However, some of my friends think it looks like a grandma purse :o( I haven't seen it IRL, gotta check it out this week.
  11. Saw it in red at LV the other day. It's gorgeous! :love: It looks like a great work bag.
  12. Absolutely, positively love it in the red! :nuts:
  13. It's a great bag! I'm amazed at how the GM looks so different as to whether it's on your shoulder or your arm. On your shoulder, it's more like your typical work tote--which is great! But once you put it on your arm, it's so Birkin-like classic. Definitely a versatile bag!
  14. I saw the red in the boutique last week and dare i say its totally beautiful !! Both black and red seems timeless love with the whole look, simple n elegant. Add a scarf, tres chic, no ? :nuts:
  15. I have tried both the black and red pm in LV here but I found that the epi leather was so stiff .... over time will it soften??? That is why I haven't purchase it yet:nuts: