Password app?!

  1. ok so long ago when i had a blackberry there was this cool Password app that stored all of my that i have an iPhone and iPad i'd like to have that same app but i'm not sure what to use? i haven't heard of anyone hacking into an iPhone or iPad but i'm kinda of scared to have my passwords in an app that i'd downlaod from the app store.....anyone have any Passwords App that you use? any FREE ones??
  2. I am interested too! I moved over to iPhone from blackberry about a year ago and don't have an official tool on place to hold all my passwords. Kinda bugs me.

    I have found free ones in the app store - but a lot of them have limits of about 10 passwords. I have a lot of mine memorized, but the ones I don't use as often make me miss my password keeper.
  3. I use mSecure for secure storage - I don't think it was free, it might have cost $.99 or a bit more.
  4. 1Password. Has a Mac and an iPhone app that sync together via Dropbox.
  5. if you have Evernote (free), you can create notes with encrypted text as well. you can't encrypt it on the mobile version, only desktop and web version. easy to access on mobile though, just requires you to put in a password to view encrypted text.
  6. Thanks I'll check into it
    Cool. Thanks I'll check it out

    Yea I had Evernote on my phone but never used it. I'll look into for my password. Thanks
  7. Splash ID. It syncs with your iPhone, iPad, and desktop/laptop. No issues with it so far!