1. Has anyone here ever gotten their passport expedited? I just applied for a passport today and paid $60 extra to get it expedited... I also paid $14.40 to send it overnight and another $14.40 to get it shipped to me overnight, but they said it could take 2 weeks to get to me. :crybaby:Is there ANY way I can get it by next week? Or am I just kidding myself?
  2. I understand that during the takes longer.
  3. I used to intern for my congressman (the summers of 1999 and 2000) and the staff there expedited passport applications if the need was serious. Give yours a call and see if they still do that- go to and do the zip code lookup to see who represents your district and if his/her caseworkers can help you.
  4. i just got my passport last week (had about a 3 week timeframe to get it back before my trip). and i paid for overnight shipping there and back- and got it back in about 8 days. may get it before the two weeks. right now is an off season, so you're lucky. cross your fingers!
  5. This time last year my boyfriend and I had to renew our passports for a trip to Europe and we got them expediated. They came with in 2-3 weeks, which is when we needed them, but I knoew we didn't get them within a week.

    Good luck though!! Who knows, maybe they're not as busy this year. Do you need it within a week?
  6. I also had my passport expedited to me and it got back to me within a week
  7. my expediated one took about 8 days too.
  8. I've expedited my passport twice in the past. It usually comes within a week to 10 days. It is the holiday season, so it might be delayed.
  9. I had mine expidited, however I went into the passport office myself. I had to write a letter explaining the urgency, this was right at Christmastime...anyhoo I was able to pick it up in two days.

  10. well the need is serious because I want to go to Belize by Friday lol. I don't think they will think it's so serious. =(((
  11. 8 days sound good, but 6 days sounds better.:p I'm crossing my fingers!!!
  12. I had mine expedited too before... but I would call. It is busy right now and they don't usually guarantee a delivery date- if you have a trip scheduled and need it ASAP, call and tell them "It is the Holidays... PLLLEAAAASEEE!!

  13. really, would that work??? I don't even know where they sent it though... don't they have a lot of different places to send it? I know nothing about passports!
  14. well...i went to the post office myself and sent my stuff off. and i'm assuming it all goes to the passport processing in philadelphia. i had tracking numbers for both ways (god forbid something happen to that!)

    cross your fingers and hope for the best. mine got sent out the week of thanksgiving and i still got mine fairly quickly- so there's always hope.
  15. I was too paranoid to get my passport expedited so I sucked it up and went to the office for the four hour service. It cost me GBP89 ($175) for my procrastination.