Passport holders

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  1. hihi, im thinking of getting a passport holder.. but at the same time will prefer sth subtle (not mono maybe).. any suggestion?
  2. I like the passport holders. I almost bought one in DE- but opted for another brand as this didn't have a pen holder nor did it have any kind of closure (snap) to secure my items, which I preferred. If LV had this I would so be all over the DE!
  3. I have a monogram one and love it but barely use it because every time I do, the people at immigration look soo annoyed and they take my passport out and tell me not to use any case. Sigh.
  4. The passport holders are classy, but as mention above you have to take your passport out every time you come to the control. If that doesn't bother you, go for it!
  5. I have a leather passport holder which has pockets for the visa I used to need for the uk. So personally it was handy for me and I wasn't bothered by taking it out.
  6. I just take it out before I get to the immigration officer, and I put it back in the holder.
  7. They removed my non-designer passport cover years ago and could never bother to keep it on anymore, let alone buy a monogram cover (much as I want one).
  8. I take my passport out while I'm waiting, I've had check in staff stick the labels to the back of my cover in the past, it made a real mess :nogood:
    The cover I use now wasn't cheap at all but I'd be really annoyed if it happened to a LV one.