Passport covers

  1. Does anyone know the retail price? Are they usually available at the NYC store? TIA
  2. Have I stumped the Hermes forum?
  3. nope. I'm thinking! :confused1:
  4. there are a few on eBay.
  5. Hi there, I bought mine in Europe for EUR 130 - so that would be ca. 170 USD. They should have them at the stor in NYC.
    Don't buy on eBay because the ones that seem authentic are ridiculously overpriced (ca. double) and there are also almost identical fakes around.
  6. is it worth buying hermes passport cover? immigration people snatch the passport and may damage the cover.
  7. I take my passport out of the cover before handing it over.
    I love my passport cover! I carry my passport with me at all times and my old one looks like my dog has owned it. I am getting a new passport now and know that the cover will keep it pristine. Mine is in Rouge Vermillion and I love the way it 'smiles' at me in my bags.
  8. My store doesn't carry them at all, so if I want one, I would have to go the eBay way...and if I can afford it, I would definitely get a H passport cover just so it matches my Birkin or Kelly...heck, if you want to travel, travel in style is what I say!!
  9. They are definitely available in the NYC store. I can't give you an exact price, but I'm sure they would tell you if you called.