Passport Cover

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  1. I was looking at the Passport cover today and I am going to buy one but I am torn between the Monogram and Damier. I like the Damier because of the dark interior and it is less flashy in an airport setting, I also like it because if I would it hotstamped it would be in red and that would look cool! I like the Monogram because if I have something for travel, I would want it to be flashy so I like the Monogram...It seems like I am contradicting I think the main question is: Do you want to be flashy in an airport? If yes: Monogram If no: Damier, Which one would you choose and why? Thanks for all of your help!
  2. I would personally choose the monogram because I like it better than the damier
  3. Well the Passport Cover would stay in the inside pocket of my jacket or in my bag, so it wouldn't matter to me if it was flashy or not. I would choose Mono because I've always liked it and preferred it over Damier.
  4. I agree samo and john - Monogram, i also prefer it over the damier.
  5. I actually like Damier better, less copied, also if you plan to travel in major airports, definitely watch out for pick pockets, KWIM? Have you consider GOLD w/Damier? I have some of mine stamped w/GOLD, and it's pretty cute too :yes:
  6. I think either one would be flashy, yay~~because it's LLLLouie:love::girlsigh:
    I love both traditional Monogram and Damier. Good luck in your decision!
  7. I have the damier.. they look awesome...
  8. I have the Damier as well...LVOE IT.
  9. monogram gets my vote.
  10. this is tough, i have to say, daimer!
  11. I give another vote for the mono because i like it better than damier.
  12. Definitely damier. It's just more classic to me. And how you mentioned if it were hotstamped, the red would look great with it! Let us know what you decide!
  13. Thanks guy. I will keep you all posted!
  14. I would get monogram b/c it would match my Pegasse and Douville which are in Monogram. But if you don't care about matching any other items, I would get the Damier.

    Flashy @ the airport? Generally, no, you don't want to be flashy b/c you could attract negative things like pick pockets or even robbers.
  15. I love the passport covers! I want to get matching ones for my parents! I love the mono, but the damier is classy too!