Passport Cover.....

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    Passport cover, does anyone have one and what are your thoughts?

    Right now i'm going through hell trying to get paper work in order so that I can get a passport, once this is done i'm going to treat myself..... :smile:
  2. Yep I have the mono one I love it, it matches my luggage LOL my old UK passport didn't fit it right but they have since changed so it's much better, if nobody beats me to it I'll take pics for you tomorrow right now I'm supposed to be heading to bed but I keep finding new threads LOL
  3. ^^ thank you :smile:
  4. I would also love to get one.
  5. Both DH & I got the Damier passport covers recently & love them.

    We both carry our passports all the time (traveling frequently for work & now living abroad) so I wish we had gotten the covers years ago.

    As you can see in the pic (besides DH's very beat up passport), you can also put credit cards & bills in it.
    Pictures 010.jpg
  6. I have mono and DH has damier...I love them :smile:
  7. I used to have a passport cover, but it got annoying taking it off the passport whengoing through customs, and if you give it to customs with the cover on the give you very dirty looks.

    I now use the Atoll in Taiga (Black) Its holds Passport, tickets, cards, money, boarding pass and airmiles cards.

    If your budget stretches I'd go for an Atoll or even a zippy to use in the same manner.
  8. Not looking for a new wallet, but thanks for the suggestion.. Far too much for me to spend on something i'll seldom use.
  9. Thanks for the pic :smile:
  10. I use the Zippy... Its perfect to hold tickets, passports, different currencies and coins/tokens
  11. ^^ i'll keep that in mind when looking for a new wallet :biggrin:
  12. I got one of those in mono for my dad for his birthday in January and he really likes it. :yes:
  13. I have one and while I enjoy that it matches my keepall and Stephen, I do get annoyed by having to take my passport in and out to be scanned at customs. I also agree that if you do not take it out, the custom's officials can get peeved at you and that is never good! I have "retired" mine for now, if my passport starts to get beat up or worn looking I will have to start using it again though as I don't want to replace that until the expiration date.
  14. Mono is my favorite.
  15. i was also gonna get it last time, but i thought there is no point if i travel often.. i travel like once every 6 months, and the fact that i have to remove the cover at immigration sounds like a big hassle taking it off and putting it back in again.. >.<;;