Passport Cover, Help!

  1. I want to get something to hold my passport in since we are moving to Europe and will be traveling a lot. If any of you have either of these I need input. The only LV purchase I have made before is the Keepall 60, which I love! So which should I get?

    The Damier Azur Zippy Organizer OR:
    The Monogram Canvas Passport Cover.
    I don't know if I should go with just a cover or a whole wallet/organizer.:confused1:
  2. I don't have either, but I personally like the passport cover better...good luck! I wish I could move to Europe!
  3. I think the Passport cover will suit you best if you're only going to use it to hold your passport. I'm not really sure if you're passport will fit inside the Zippy Wallet if you decide to get it?

    I say go for the Zippy if the passport does fit inside? It seems like such a multifunctional wallet!
  4. It says in the description that it will fit one so I assume it will. I just thought it might be nice to hold everything.
  5. The passport cover for sure! It's easier than digging through your wallet. Where in Europe are you going? I studied over in Geneva and absolutely loved it. I loved it so much that I am moving back there to work next year! Good luck!
  6. Get the passport cover!
  7. I have the cover in Damier and I love it. Just one word of advice: it won't fit a passport with more than 30 pages (the "normal" ones). I have a "business passport" from the Netherlands and with 64 pages doesn't fit in the cover :sad:

    Btw, inside the cover you have 4 card slots.
  8. the cover, it is so cool!

    where in europe are you going to?
    enjoy it here!
  9. I have the mono one and hubby has a damier one (so we can tel which is which quickly) I love great!
  10. I have the damier azur zippy wallet and used it to carry my passport and it worked just fine!
  11. i have a mom orgainzor and passport fits in well, easy to fin, easy to get in and out of. i dont find pass port cover all that practical