Passport Boutique, Boston


Jan 12, 2009
Hello HH Hotties, I was in Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA today and stumbled upon an amazing new boutique called Passport for ladies who like to travel in style. They have quite a few HH nylon bags like Ibiza and Maldives and a few leather items, as well as some HH clothes. I was so excited to see the bags in real life because usually I have to order online without being able to see them in person. Besides HH, they have luggage, stylish travel clothes, airline accessories like slippers and travel toiletry bags, and unexpected luxuries. For those of you who live in Boston, it's totally worth checking out. You will come out spending more than you thought though! Sorry if someone has already posted about this. I searched on the board and didn't see anything about it. For those of you who shopped at Luna Boston, this might be a nice alternative now that they don't carry HH anymore.