Passive Aggressive Notes

  1. OMG the lean pockets one. HAHA
  2. LOL I love this site :tup:
  3. Hehe . . . These are my favorites . . . .
    98443360_b0889dc737.jpg 307330186_161a4ace17.jpg 2048231492_7bc8e17e21.jpg 2079777246_43e30a19d7.jpg 2138845886_13645ef141.jpg
  4. Hee hee . . . Few more . . .
    1720294301_faa85be33e.jpg 1812040454_ae5a7397de.jpg 1858201813_77a0f8f5f3.jpg questions.jpg 2173488243_810fdf862a.jpg
  5. [​IMG]

    I stumbled across a flickr collection of passive aggressive notes a while ago.
  6. ^ OMG ! love that :lol:
  7. I love the back and forth notes between the girl and her roommate LOL! And those bananas have me laughing my head off.. kinda remind me of the Taco Bell hot sauce packets lmao!
  8. :tup::tup::tup: Great post for the passive aggressive notes and the bananas too.... LOL!!!:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. ^^ I know I just want to eat them now.
  10. These are hilarious!!
  11. Hehe! And these . . . .
    535483860_19b3e91c5b.jpg 666900842_a9f80bf6ba.jpg 1591018155_9207159b14.jpg 573203207_f1969e018a.jpg
  12. Also these . . .
    522531337_492c87f99e.jpg 532687632_b141eb171d.jpg 543532977_7a52dc493d.jpg 539813306_cef98ac522.jpg
  13. Another set . . .

    Another one I found funny was an empty box of Crunch Berries. Someone had written on the box:


    If I catch you eating this delicious cereal, I'll kill you in your sleep.


    jesuspoptarts.jpg man.jpg sushi.jpg microwavewars.jpg
  14. Another one I found funny was, instead of leaving a note for his roommates and their friends saying "Stay out of my room while I'm gone" this person (a law student, I'm guessing) leaves three full pages taped to his door.

    The first page with why they should stay out of his room.

    The second page was filled with what specific laws they would violate if they did go in there.

    The third page was what penalties would be incurred if they went in there.

    I also found the limerick about the hair clog in the shower drain to be quite clever.